Accommodating intraocular lens review

The technology functions very much the same as progressive eyeglasses and multifocal contact lenses.

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With this traditional approach, post-cataract surgery near vision is corrected using eyeglasses.Because there is only one focusing distance in the lens, there is no loss of quality of distance vision (unlike a multifocal).However, accommodating IOLs do not provide the same range of focus as young eyes, and may not allow you to see at very close distances without reading glasses, like you can with multifocal IOLs.During your preoperative exam and consultation, your cataract surgeon can help you choose the best IOL for your needs, as well as additional cataract surgery costs involved if you choose one of the following premium lens implants.Traditional intraocular lenses have a spherical optical design, meaning the front surface is uniformly curved from the center of the lens to its periphery.

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