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This is imposing order by mapping the undefined onto known things. Where folk singer Joni Mitchell saw ice cream castles in the air, nature writer Robert Macfarlane witnessed a “slow motion explosion” of cumulus. The more fanciful the association, the more fun it is. Can you hang your notion on a metaphor, rather than spelling it out?Yoke it to something familiar, and let the familiar draw it into elaboration.Some are familiar, others as fresh as a northerly breeze. His clouds — those fluffy little so-and-sos — weren’t majestic. They demonstrate that a quick take — in the writer’s case a select few words, set in exactly the right place— can do the job better than entire paragraphs. The English meteorologist Luke Howard decided the time was nigh to create something that had never before existed: a cloud compendium.Let’s pretend we’re indulging in some cloud therapy. He reckoned that with a steady eye and ready hand, could capture frozen vapor in its billowing tracks.From a simple question to a production line improvement, we work side by side with you to develop a resolution quickly.Our 170,000 square-feet of combined inventory allow you to maintain your product supply easily.To make sure your new part works properly, we analyze its production line compatibility and compliance to design specifications.Timely technical assistance is critical to staying on schedule, which is why our engineers and technical experts are always available to help you by phone or on location.

Like a cloud, the idea can drift in stealthy, and gracefully drift out.

Cloud-catching shows another useful mode of creativity, especially in regard to reimagining the already familiar.

This is the advantage of a drastically shifted perspective. Clouds don’t care whether they’re a cirrus or cumulonimbus, a unicorn or sailor’s delight. It’s only when we pay attention to them that we feel akin, shapeshifting, never quite the same from moment to moment. They’re a challenge to capture well, literally and metaphorically.

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