Advice dating relationship seduction tip

This creates a momentary cat-and-mouse game that you should maintain for as long as you can manage.

The longer you play coy, the longer your man will pursue, leading to an explosive coupling.

Whether you want to take a physical approach or go with a more subtle mental connection, seduction is about stealthy romance and making him see you shine.

Some scents -- such as pumpkin pie, lavender and doughnuts -- along with strong smells may arouse men.With this in mind, women may use cosmetics, hair color and choose stylishly seductive clothes to attract a man.Even though there's no real evidence that points to revealing clothing or overly made-up faces being any more seductive than natural beauty, some women may feel the need to primp in order to land a man. While facial gesturing -- such as batting eye lashes or maintaining a constant gaze -- are certainly seduction styles, some women may engage in other types of flirting.If you want to be able to incite sex with your man whenever you want, you need to keep your relationship with your man charged at all times.Lots of women share an essentially platonic relationship with their boyfriends and their husbands, and then they wonder why they aren’t able to initiate passionate sex at the drop of a hat.

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