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His son, Edmund Howard was father to Catherine, Henry VIII’s 5th wife while his daughter, Elizabeth who had married Thomas Boleyn, had a daughter, Anne, making Thomas grandfather to two of Henry VIII’s wives and great grandfather to Elizabeth I.

Thomas, Earl of Surrey and latterly Duke of Norfolk was a remarkable man who lived through a turbulent time in English history.

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Having fought on the wrong side what would happen next?

The Earl of Surrey and his entourage, consisting of at least 13,000 men engaged in battle with King James IV of Scotland and his troops on 9th September 1513 resulting in the defeat of the Scots and the death of their king.

This was all down to the tactics and determination of Surrey who would have been considered old to enter battle by today’s standards and even more so then when life expectancy was much lower.

The Earl of Surrey thought he was to accompany him but instead he was left at home to deal with any problems or uprisings which might occur there.

Ironically, this provided Surrey with his best opportunity to ensure his name was carried down in history.

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