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The first step was to inform an executive at the national office.

Next, the scout executive was to secure hard evidence concerning the situation.

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“We believe victims and remove individuals based on only allegations of inappropriate behavior,” the statement said. In a 1972 letter addressed to all scout executives that is included in the lawsuit filed by Eisenberg, BSA executive Paul Ernst outlined a course of action in the event of inappropriate behavior that did not involve contacting law enforcement.BSA says it has been investigating the list to the best of its ability and reporting to local law enforcement agencies when enough detail was provided.BSA said it supports the creation of a government-run child abuse database that all youth-serving organizations could use.A letter should then be delivered to the volunteer, and he should be told he is not being asked to continue in his position, without explanation for why.There are also a series of steps outlined if a person whose misconduct had been in question wishes to re-enroll as a volunteer.

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