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Well known as an open, hedonistic, kinky and welcoming all ways of life next to the normal.

This is the place where drugs and prostitutes are legal and presented to all to enjoy.

You can purchase the drugs in coffee shops on the streets.

Walking around, there is no reason to hide your sexual preferences, the city hugs the LGBT community and suggests a wide variety of clubs, parties, and shops that focus on the community.

In Amsterdam you can surely have fun 24 hours a day, the places start to get packed around 11 pm and the clubs keep on going until early am hours with the option for an after party until noon.

If you are not into day tours, markets, and museums – try checking the clubs section below.

Different girls have different things they can do, ranging from the famous banana tricks to shows involving massage oil, vibrators and the most unique way you will ever see a postcard written on in your life.

A recent addition to the Banana Bar is the Banana Club, a strip club built along more familiar lines.

» Banana Bar Called the Bananenbar in Dutch, it is one of the most popular sex clubs in the Red Light District and the original location of the infamous Amsterdam banana show.The luscious performers integrate sometimes art, sometimes humour into their show and might even interact with the audience directly.Milkshake festival – A dance festival where nothing should be a must, anything is possible.If you're looking for an erotic thrill with a partner or a more intimate evening with one or two friends, then this is possibly not the place for you.To reserve your place at a professional sex show, we recommend to make an online reservation at the famous Casa Rosso erotic theatre. The oldest and most well known part of the Banana Bar is the bar itself.

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