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Borderline Personality Disorder may make you feel like you are broken, but radical acceptance teaches that you are ok just the way you are, and you can help yourself to feel better.Photo: Ronnibobs, Social/Family Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder The type of early family environment that contributes to Borderline Personality Disorder is called, “the invalidating environment.” The following examples illustrate an invalidating environment: Some of the elements of the invalidating environment (but not abuse) can actually be useful and helpful to some children at some times.One thing about being a survivor on a journey of healing, is that you are constantly learning something new things along the way.It could be about yourself, such as recalling and working through new memories, or about the mental health challenges that you face in your life.

Effective treatment, especially Dialectical Behavior Therapy can help people get relief from their symptoms and lead a happy, productive life. This article was originally published on the web in 2008 and revised on 5/2/2013.

They will attempt to instill a mindset of the child being nothing without the parent, and consequently no matter what the child does, the parent gets the credit or is able to push the blame off of themselves and onto the child or someone else.

As a child of a Narcissistic parent, you haven’t felt seen, you haven’t been heard, everything was always your fault.

We discuss brainwashing, and the importance of being careful not to assume that the Narcissist is or is not aware they are engaging in this activity.

This can create a conflict of empathy and guilt in the mind of the child and later as an adult, as you wonder why you were treated in the way that you were and who’s fault it was.

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