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That scene at the party with all the older white people reminded me of when I go somewhere and it’s all her high-school friends and it feels really weird.

You just really feel out of place, you find yourself engulfed by people who grew up with completely different experiences and backgrounds, and it’s hard to even contribute to the conversation.

It doesn’t convince people that you can actually relate to what they go through.

I’ve been reading a lot of think pieces about how white progressives aren’t really taking away the right lessons from the film, like how they are Rose [Allison Williams’s character, the white girlfriend], and they appear benevolent but in reality they are perpetrating the same social crimes and macro- and microaggressions but automatically identify with the protagonist. The whole time I was cringing at her family because I was like that’s exactly what my family is like.

” The first time that he’d actually really met my dad was when we went to see the movie.

Right before going into the movie I was telling him about a family reunion we do every year, and I was like: “You’re going to come, right?

I just kept thinking about what other people in the theater were thinking about me and him and our relationship, and I felt uncomfortable.

You could just feel people looking at us and overhear someone saying, “Man, he has to leave her.” Jordan: She definitely felt more uncomfortable than I did, because I guess I grew up around racism more than she did.

You just feel a little different and a little on edge.

Jordana: There’s the scene where they go to the party and it’s all white people and everyone’s trying to prove they’re not racist, saying things like “I voted for Barack Obama three times! Everyone’s really well-meaning, and it comes from a place of showing Tarek that we don’t see you any differently, but all they’re doing is pointing out that they do see him differently.

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