Application screenupdating does not work american dating dates

The 6 data sheets all contain a data connection to a website of foreign exchange tables.

What I want is for my code to execute as soon as the data connection refresh has finished.

These workbooks will now always be housed in the same directory and i want to change the code to use a relative path reference by determining the path of workbook 'A'. Open "C:\Documents and Settings\.....\workbook B.xls", Update Links:=xl Update Links Always End Sub could you suggest how to change this to use a relative path reference?

I've searched around the web and threads that deal with this issue seem to go dead after it's established that the code appears to be valid in the context of the program. I came across this solution when, in another part of the project, changing the Codename property of a sheet was not happening.

I tried searching before I posted this, but the suggestions given didn't seem to work for me. Occasionally it will run as expected but as soon as the macro ends, excel becomes unresponsive to mouse-clicks.

I need to look up data from a cell on one Excel sheet, compare it to a list on a 2nd sheet and when they equal, take a value from a different column on the 2nd sheet and drop it back on the 1st sheet. When I click anywhere (trying to select a cell, or an excel menu item...clicking anywhere in excel) I'll get the a 'ding' system sound and nothing will happen.

If I use the delete key to delete the contents of a cell, then it gets deleted.

But if I type anything else (numbers, letters, or symbols) then it types 2 instances of the key every time, yet when I hit enter, nothing changes in the cell.

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