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Today, Irans freedom fighters bravely persevere in the face of draconian punishment from a homicidal theocratic regime.And in Egypt, Mubaraks authoritarian military dictatorship was finally pushed out by the Egyptian people in eighteen consecutive days of popular protest. The newly established regime embarked on a campaign to gain more autonomy from the Ottoman government and to curb the resistance of the Arab and Kurdish tribes.They managed to counter Al-Muntafiq threats in the south and brought Basra under their control.In 1951, the anti-colonial phenomenon known as Mossadeghism was at a high.Iranian Premier Mohammad Mossadegh was generating worldwide attention during his six week stay in the United States, where he defended Irans oil nationalization at the U. and met with President Truman and other American officials. Irans struggle with Britain over its oil resources had inspired many neighboring nations, and nowhere was this more evident than in Egypt, which was embroiled in a contest of its own with the British over control of the Suez Canal.In his acceptance speech, Mossadegh explained the significance of removing the foreign presence from Abadan.We have not nationalized our oil industry only for commercial interest and the amount of revenue it brings to us, he remarked.

In addition to a gala dinner in his honor, he received an honorary doctorate at Fouad University.Chanting Long live Mossadegh and Long live the leader of anti-imperialism, the people carried him off to his car, taking him directly to Abdin Palace to sign the royal register, where another crowd estimated at 20,000 waited to greet him in its square.Mossadegh has won freedom and dignity for his country wrote Al-Ahram, and Iran and Egypt have taken up the sacred duty of freeing themselves from the shackles of colonialism.Though Mossadeghs popularity was soaring, there would soon be new setbacks for his government. Two months after that, in May 1951, new Assistant Secretary of State Henry Byroade visited Mossadegh and bluntly told him that so long as Iran does not make full use of her own resources, America would not help beyond what she receives through Point Four [Trumans technical assistance program].60 years onward, in 2011, the two ancient cultures continue to experience turmoil and instability in their lands.

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