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Nobody can accuse us of being some sort of (a)sexuality police state.As I’ve written about before, when people (misguidedly) accuse the asexual community of being “dangerous” to LGB folks, they occasionally reference the fact that we’re some sort of brainwashing cult of anti-sexuality. Most resources (especially 101 resources) tend to go out of their way to make the point that, hey, you might not be asexual forever, and, hey, it’s okay to change your identity labels at any time and for any reason.Read More » launched in 2007, which has about 600 members in total.It is not a big site but dedicates to asexual people only.Here we list the top 3 asexual dating sites for people who think they are asexual.Read reviews, check the ranking, find the proper dating site and sign up on that site. Asexual is the fast growing and professional asexual dating site for people who lack of sexual attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in sexual activity.

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You’ve probably seen the posts, either on AVEN or on tumblr, where some teenager writes in and says, “Hi, I’m [age] and I just found out about asexuality, and I think I might be asexual.” Almost invariably, whoever is writing the response welcomes the OP to the community, and then reminds them that even if they turn out to not be ace later, even if they turn out be a late bloomer or confused or whatever else, that doesn’t mean that they can’t identify as asexual .Strangely enough, when someone in their twenties or thirties sends in the exact same message, they’re significantly less likely to get this reassurance.In fact, they’re likely to just get a welcome without any sort of commentary on whether or not they might not identify as ace later tacked on.If we acknowledge from the beginning that, yes, sometimes you find labels that fit you better, and there’s nothing wrong with that (and we won’t chase after you with pitchforks), it might diminish the angst of those teens who discover that a non-asexual spectrum label works better for them.For that matter, we provide space for teens who wind up changing labels on the asexual spectrum.

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