Assertive to dating

Impress him by having an idea of what you want to do, suggests Nick Notas on his Dating Specialist website. ”In all dating-related matters, your safety should be your first concern.

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So, if your date’s way of showing interest only goes as far as opening doors and complimenting your clothes, it doesn’t mean you’ve been rejected if all you get at the end of the evening is a wink and a smile. He was measured and moderate where I was explosive and anxious. Even as we enjoyed each other’s company, I knew Joe wanted more of a commitment than I was willing to offer.

When you meet someone you’re interested in, get acquainted with your inner Sassy Girl, smile, flirt a little and let him know you like him.

Chances are, he’ll appreciate your approach, and if he doesn’t, it’s his loss.

There are no shortcuts to developing intimacy, whether it’s with ourselves or with others.

It takes practice to listen, to be kind, and to stay open.

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    Very important: I can not stand smoking, so if you smoke, I regret missing you. I would like to meet a lady who is intelligent, interesting, genuine, honest and fun to be with, likes music and the media.

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    Treat your date to a meal at the Capital Restaurant in Knightsbridge.

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    He will be willing to lend you a shoulder, listen to your crazy stories at work, cook for you, and give you a relaxing massage.