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The plot keeps moving, the character studies are riveting, and there’s not a single false step until the big climax.— Jessica Woodbury This fun listen is easy to follow even without the previous books in the series.Bring on the 90s pop-culture references and a strong female lead who kicks ass and takes names.— Rachel Smalter Hall James is an auto-buy, and I know I can count on her audiobooks, which are performed flawlessly by Karen White.The pace is quick, the characters are compelling, and Caroline Lee gives a knockout performance.

In a relatively quick pace, a girl jumps dimensions to find her father’s murderer… The prose is fantastic, but for me the audiobook narrator really makes this novel.Set in the thick of black politics in Houston, it’s full of intrigue, betrayals, shady backroom deals, and courtroom showdowns.— Jessica Woodbury Price is one of the best crime writers there is, and Ari Fliakos slips between the narration and the rhythms of blue collar cop talk seamlessly.— Jessica Pryde Georgie Mc Cool has a deal to produce her dream TV show, but she’ll have to miss Christmas with her husband to meet her deadline.Her marriage is looking rocky when she discovers a time-traveling telephone that can dial the past.

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