Austin butler dating vanessa hudgens

(Side note: he's unrecognizable as Manson Family member Charles "Tex" Watson and Butler is in 2018 about her enduring relationship—which she knows is a rarity among the young Hollywood set.

When Austin Butler beat out the rest of young, full-lipped Hollywood to land the role of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming biopic, you could almost hear Vanessa Hudgens' excitement radiating from Instagram."I AMMMM OVERRRR THE F--KING MOOOOOOOOONNNNN," Butler's girlfriend wrote. "That's pretty darn sweet, but she was only returning the favor."It's hard for me to even put into words what that girl means to me.Symmetrically-faced individuals Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have been dating for around three years now. First of all, their abbreviated names form a perfect symphony of amusing syllables (heh, V. And last, but not least, they both rose to prominence in kid-oriented entertainment — Hudgens in High School Musical and Butler in Zoey 101 & HSM offshoot Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.Sure, there are plenty of reasons one could imagine the union of V. Pray tell, how did Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler meet?Those are certainly some key elements of any built-to-last partnership, as is their disinterest in rushing things along.Which, having been dating since 2011, surely comes up from time to time."I want to get married, travel, then have kids—probably in my late 30s," Hudgens, who turned 30 in December, noted.

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