Austin dating speed

This is especially recommended for people who are fans of the main Nerd Nite event– if you’ve never been before, you can get some information by taking a look at our Facebook group.

We allow 1 or 2 people of each gender to attend a younger age group, provided there are seats remaining once registration closes on the day of the event.The bottom portion will allow you to indicate to us whether or not you are interested in any of the people you meet.You’ll spend a few minutes chatting with each of your speed-dates, and if you would like to carry on any of the conversations later, let us know– when the interest is mutual, we’ll make sure that you can get in touch with each other again.If you would like to do this, email if there isn’t anyone at the event you are interested in!To receive the Free Pass to another event, you must be there for the entire event and log in within 48 hours of the event start time and select no to everyone.

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