Backdating a file using touch

At the same time, make will still see the files in debian/foo with the timestamps make expects, and will thus not redo most of the copies and compilations, as it would if the actual files had been backdated with touch.

This speeds up some complex package builds on the buildds, and much more importantly speeds up local builds on the maintainer's own machine.

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Dez CET 2018 I will exceptionally ping @garazdawi because he may be able to confirm if this is a bug or not before we do report it to the Erlang/OTP team.

Is it possible to report to the ATO via STP previous payrolls that have already been processed ?

I didn’t realise we were not connected properly to the ATO via our software and have missed reporting two pay runs.

The list that appears in the Manage your bank feeds page includes bank feeds that are both currently active, and those that are in the process of being activated.

For every bank feed, the following information is listed: If you've linked the wrong MYOB Essentials account to a bank feed (for example, you might have linked your Visa credit card to your MYOB Essentials Savings account), you can change the linked account on the Manage bank feeds page.

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