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Child benefit recipients with a child under the age of 12 get national insurance credit towards their state pension.This means even if they are not in paid work, they are still treated as having contributed when it comes to claiming their retirement benefits.If someone else gets Carer’s Allowance to look after the same person you care for, you can't also get it.You and the other carer need to decide who should claim.

It’s not affected by the amount of savings you have.

Carer’s Allowance also doesn’t depend on your National Insurance contributions.

It’s taxable, and it counts as income if you’re applying for tax credits or other benefits that are based on how much income you have (means-tested benefits).

Back to top You can claim using a form called a DS700, or DS700 (SP) if you get State Pension.

You can claim online at: ) if you live in England, Wales, or Scotland.

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