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A free, non-profit, community for non-religious people to meet others for friendships or dating.American Atheists American Humanist Association Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Atheist Alliance America Atheist Alliance International Atheist Nexus Ayaan Hirsi Ali - AHA foundation Brights, The Center For Inquiry, The Centre For Naturalism Church of Reality Clergy Project, The First Church of Atheism Council For Secular Humanism(CFI Affiliate) Foundation Beyond Belief Freedom From Religion Foundation, The Freethought Society, The Humanist Chaplaincy, The Humanist Institute Institute for Humanist Studies International Humanist and Ethical Union Internet Infidels James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) An educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) National Ethical Service An affiliate of the American Ethical Union A project created by the Center For Naturalism North Texas Church of Freethought Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science Secular Coalition for America Secular Student Alliance, The Secularus Society for Humanistic Judaism Triangle Freethought Society Tri-City Freethinkers United Coalition of Reason Universal Pantheist Society World Pantheist Movement This section for groups known for their activism but they DON'T have 501c3 status.Every person that links to this list will be helping these sites. We "keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number." Please feel free to post a paragraph about your group on the Atheist Organizations Descriptions page.Do not post links to Social Networks on THIS page - post those instead to Facebook Atheist Groups and G Atheist Groups and Twitter Atheists.

PLEASE HELP RECATEGORIZE ANY THAT ARE IMPROPERLY LISTED IN THIS CATEGORY.If that be the case then you have to point out that if they (religious people) believe ANY scientific findings be accurate or true, having propped science up as the God of Atheism, then they’ve broken one of the first commandments Moses laid forth in Exodus.If they feel that is not true, then they concede that believe in scientific findings is not a “belief in science” but an acceptance of the findings of the study of the world we live in.At this point the question is no longer, “Is the the belief in a god to a religious person the same as belief in science to an atheist? The question is now, why is your belief in science not a religious expression whereas you believe mine is?The answer is usually because, “You don’t believe in a god”.

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