Bismarck consolidating german empire

During his time in the Bund Bismarck formed an anti-Austrian view point.

A dabbling in Liberal literature and German philosophy took up the rest of his time.

From his family Bismarck gained a highly autocratic, intensively conservative and monarchical outlook on life. Bismarck born into nobility accepted its beliefs as his own.

Bismarck had a mostly typical Junker education that he used to gain employment in the Prussian Civil Service.

Liberalism had no appeal to him so he changed universities to the University of Berlin where he passed in 1835.

As Bismarck himself put it "mob interference with political authority conflicted with my Prussian upbringing and I returned to Berlin with less liberal opinions than when I quitted it." After reluctantly serving his compulsory year in the military as a Gardejager (sharpshooter) Bismarck entered the Prussian Civil Service.

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