Brent smith dating lzzy hale

I love this shot because I like how it captures her intensity in a live setting.

I love this shot so much because not only do I get to show Robin Zander performing from the stage point of view, but in this shot he is singing right to some friends of mine.

I love this shot because it captures Jake Kiszka just shredding on the axe, tearing the roof of The Pageant. The hard rock badass with the looks and the licks (guitar, you pervs) to appeal to just about any rock critic.

Their performance at Stifel Theatre was a great example why they are a staple for any rock fan to see.

Grohl also provided drums on previous three Tenacious D albums, dating back to the duo’s 2001 self-titled debut.

And every time they record another album, Black and Gass are sure that time is the time Grohl will back out.

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