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Patterns, statement tops and accessories, and dramatizing your tops all help bring balance to your overall look. Go for plunging scoop or v-necks, cowls, or bold cut-outs. Look for bell sleeves, puff sleeves, serious shoulder embellishments, and blazers and jackets with structured shoulders. On the bottom, stick with darker, non-patterned pants. For date-time dresses, look for A-line cuts and empire waists.

Show off those shoulders, back, and neck with plunging lines, backless dresses, cut-outs, and belted styles. Draw attention upward with earrings, bolder necklaces, bright scarves, and hats.

Avoid cropped lengths and boxy jeans that bag near the ankles. You can borrow from all the other shapes to emphasize what you like—creating a waist with structured tops and bigger belts, for example. Long pendants can play up the muscular chest and collar bones.

If boasting a flat belly, a blingy belt on low-waisted jeans will showcase your fitness. Satchels, crossbody handbags, and backpacks can play up that look of life on the go.

Belts—especially on playful, flowy maxis or A-line dresses—are a great way to draw out curves and emphasize your smaller waistline.

Apple body types carry most of their curves on the top without being curvy through the hips or backside. Sturdier fabrics for seeking out the flowy freedom of the traditional comfy cuts.Date dresses do really well to play up your curves. Hips and shoulders are about the same and your body’s weight distributes pretty evenly—whatever BMI you are.Wrap dresses, fitted-then-flare cuts, side-cinched dresses, and fitted color-block dresses all give pop to proportions. And no matter how thin you get, you aren’t going to have that hourglass waist.While boasting your bustline, choose accessories like longer pendant necklaces paired with bolder bracelets that show off your length and frame your upper body.Especially if you have short hair, be bold with earrings. Handbags that hit just above-the-hip or long and subtle below keep their eyes upward. If you have a little extra around the middle, avoid handbags that hang right at the middle and crossbody bags. The pear-shaped body tends to have hips and waists that are proportionately a little lusher than your shoulders, arms, and chest. The main fashion challenge for the pear-shaped woman is creating balance between your upper and lower body. For skirt length, stick to skirts that hit just below the knee (or longer) to lengthen your look.

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