Catrice liquid liner dating joe black internatuionale datingsite

It has a very liquidy and thin texture/consistency.I was really surprised at firt, because the liquid liners I have used so far have a thicker consistency. You have to be careful when you work with this: make sure the brush doesn't have too much product, or else it will ruin your make-up.

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Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner koritim godinama, cetka mu je teska ali nekako sam se navikla, kao sto obrve nisu bliznakinje vec sestre, mislila sam da tako moze vaziti i za eyeliner, ali normalno je bolje da izgleda eyeliner identicno na oba oka =D .:-) Also, it's great for adding 'lashes' on your lower lashline as well!For this I just dip the eyeliner into the product once, then scrape off the excess so that barely anythin is left on the brush and then I just put tiny little dots on my lower lashline.When you first apply it, it's really wet, but after about half a minute later it becomes completely matte.Fircanin ince olmasi nedeniyle cok ince ve detayli cizgiler cekilebiliyor.

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