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Very rarely, it may happen just before your first period.

A woman may also become pregnant if they've been raped or sexually abused.

Talking about it together can help find a solution.

You'll also be able to support each other through it.

The study also found that when comparing face-to-face social contact between family members vs.

friends that the link to reduced depression changes as we get older.

Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey," was published online in the .

Clearly, we have not evolved the capabilities to have the majority of our social networking occur through digital technologies.You might be especially afraid of your family or friends finding out. But if you're worried about talking to them, you can always talk to us to get support.It might seem easier to keep the pregnancy to yourself. The sooner you talk to someone about your pregnancy, the more options you'll have about what to do. If you decide that having your baby is the right option for you, there's support out there for you. Or get advice on getting support as a young parent on Family Lives.How could our minds and bodies possibly adapt at a neurobiological level to all of the technological changes that have occurred in the past two decades? All of these inventions forever changed the way we socialize and have reduced face-to-face social contact.Remember: Text messaging, email, and the internet were first commercialized for use in 1995. Face-to-Face Socializing Reduces Depression Risks What are the long-term consequences of limited face-to-face social contact on our mental health?

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