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Apart from this, the only other obsession that I have—well, two, I guess. I’m obsessed with my family, and I’m starting this interview late because we had some family issues. I think just like we went from apps to web apps, and that was a dramatic change in the landscape.

I’m the founder of Mixergy, where I interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. Then I do Mixergy interviews, and when I’m not doing this, the thing that’s really made me stressed lately is I’m taking on a lot of work around chatbots. I know it’s eating away into my research time with my guests. I know it’s keeping me from running because I think that this is the future of online engagement.

If you’re old enough to remember the internet in the late ’90s, you’ll also remember the glory days of chat rooms and instant messaging—not only with friends, but also strangers scattered across the globe.

Now, a new Facebook Messenger bot attempts to recreate that stranger-induced high with Chatible, which facilitates a random conversation between anonymous parties.

As a user, you should be aware that when you’re talking to a bot, it’s not complete anonymity. I think you told our producer one of your last companies was—I don’t want to put words in your mouth. Well, the thing is that I don’t know how to freaking design that. Take my freaking logo and just attach it to this certified badge that we’re going to give our certified professionals.

If anything, it’s complete whatever the opposite of anonymity is, completely directed at you. I don’t want to work even with my designer whose work I like to do it because I want more examples. For some reason, I always do this on a Friday with Design Crowd. So what I did was I went in and started giving everyone feedback.

I feel like chat as a platform is going to do the same thing, that we’re going to see new businesses born, new companies rise up because they know how to create experiences inside of chat apps. We’re spending more time chatting than we are in social media, more time in chat apps than we are in email.

So businesses that know how to capitalize on that are going to win in the future, and those that don’t are going to watch the others take over. Because you guys have heard me talk about this, you’re introducing me to companies that are doing really well in this. When we talk about chatbots, this is the ideal experience that can happen today.

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So they had thought a chatbot, specifically one who lives on Facebook, would be a better way to service those customers. I’m kind of hesitating, because there’s something I want to go back to that we talked about a moment ago, which is this sense of privacy.

I might give them a bad email address if I went to a landing page, like Mailinator email address, because I’m not feeling comfortable yet. Let me take a moment to talk about one of my sponsors and then we’re going to come back in and ask you why you went all in on this. There are times in our business careers when we need small designs made.

So a business owner, it gives you real data, real usage. For me, for Bot Academy, we teach people how to create chatbots. Bigger businesses are now hiring our certified consultants, and they want to show on their website, “I’m a certified Bot Academy graduate. You can take whatever Andrew’s reputation is with Bot Academy and trust that I’m good based on that.” In fact, Many Chat now is giving our certified graduates a lot of business by referring bigger businesses who want chatbots done. The reason is these guys created a brand new logo for me, and I don’t want a brand new logo.

He got so freaking obsessed with chatbots that he freaking lost it all. He went in debt and partially it’s because chatbots didn’t work out in the first iteration, the first way that we thought it was going to go. We’re going to talk about as many numbers as we can in this interview because chatbots are working for him and working for his clients. Number one, how does he get clients for this brand new thing that’s so hard to explain? It’s a boutique agency that provides a suite of services focused on conversational marketing, and conversation is the word that we use now for chatbots because it’s more than just like chat in like Facebook Messenger. The second will help you hire phenomenal designers. Essentially what they would do is they would use Facebook, they would target their ads towards people who they knew already went to college and they would rank colleges with the most debt. I think they were doing ,000 to ,000 a month these two guys just going bananas. So based on you saying, “I don’t know,” you probably have a low score on their end. Questions that come up often that a human being shouldn’t have to repeatedly answer and that people would rather address to a machine than to a human. I have nothing to lose by telling a chatbot about my financial situation no matter how bad it is because I know a chatbot isn’t going to judge me. I’ve kind of trained my audience to care about numbers.

Number two, how does he communicate to his clients’ users what a chatbot is. They would do demographics, 35 and under, and they would send them to their website, which was generally just a lead capture form, and then on the leads, they would smile and dial and try to walk them through their debt issue. It was funny too, because when they came to us, they thought the benefit of chatbots was simply to take the ease off these two guys. ” Again, “I’m not sure.” It’s going to keep asking me all these questions. This is now qualifying and if I’m the right person, then I schedule a call with their people? So before they had a chatbot, they had the standard landing page. They had people who were ready to take on the work that came through that.

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