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On my dating profile on that other app, I was very specific that I was a believer and I only wanted to date men who were devoted believers.Yet, less than 3 days later my inbox was flooded with atheistic or agnostic men. None of them had even bothered to read my profile and none of them knew anything about Jesus.This is an important difference with many other online dating sites.In Sept of 2013, a valued friend encouraged me to begin dating again.

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Alexander moved to Barcelona (Spain) a year after we met, and now he is doing a masters degree here.

He is from Michigan, USA and was living there when I first met him.

I'm from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but I have been in Spain since I was 15 because my mum's husband is Spanish.

I was thinking, at 43, where on earth will I find a well-adjusted Christian dating partner?

Most of the men I had dated prior were referred through friends, church or work, and those were not good experiences. He said many of his professional clients had found and married their Christian spouses there. At the beginning of October 2013, I signed up with eharmony.

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