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Prosper denied us, but explained to us in transparent terms the reason our tester had been declined.

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Lenders should be transparent before the application process — you don’t want to waste time applying for a loan with a credit score requirement in the upper 700 range if yours in the low 600s.For many, predictability is the safer way to go when taking out a loan — this way you can assure you won’t be hit with any surprises you’ll suddenly have to squeeze into your budget.We made sure our top picks offered fixed rates as an option, although a few of our top picks offer fixed and variable interest rates.And a loan that includes an origination fee might end up giving you a better APR that will cost you less in the long run. Upstart, previously one of our honorable mentions, was disqualified at this stage thanks to an increase in its origination fee — it now reserves the right to charge as much as 8%.Fixed interest rates stay the same throughout the lifetime of the loan, while variable interest rates may start low, but can go up at an unpredictable rate (they do tend to be capped, though, so they won’t jump from, say, 6% to 155%).

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