Consolidating two naps to one

It’s not a good idea to drop to one nap suddenly without preparation AND push the first nap later all in one swoop.Transition gradually to avoid confusing your baby or causing her to become overtired.I think lo may be transitioning to one nap but the days where we have been successful with 1 nap (only twice) he has napped for 3 hours which is the same amount of time he would previously sleep in 2 naps (2x 1.5 hrs).is this normal or should we keep trying for 2 naps? There are days where we only get 1 and he won't go down for the other but I feel they need two.

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Many parents contact me asking for advice about transitioning their child from two naps to one.I hear questions like: “He’s a year old now, so shouldn’t we be dropping to one nap soon?” or “She actually hasn’t been falling asleep for the second nap for several days now. ” The truth of the matter is that when babies are ready, we actually transition to one nap by consolidating the two naps (morning and afternoon) into one nap.I've read that this can just be a phase right now so go by ur baby and their mood. She used to nap horribly with two, each nap only last about half an hour to 40 minutes. She now has one nap from 12-2 or 230 and is so much better off for it.

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