Daniel kaluuya and lily loveless dating

(His opinion of than any seventeen year old in 1981, let alone 2011.) Similarly, Sophie Wu’s Jay gets more good lines than bad – ‘You’re bum-sucking the shit out of that,’ she observes after seeing Paul’s attempts to smoke a Marlboro Light – and the scene featuring just the two of them together under a gloomy sky and pylons, in spite of some pretty tired stuff about being different, contains an undercurrent of authentically adolescent awkwardness.

Paul’s sister Anna (Lily Loveless), on the other hand, is a dismal caricature with dialogue as poor as her attitude.

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While Mac constantly witters on – literally without stopping – about himself, crisps, films and sex (‘Sadly, that was genuinely the most sexual experience of my entire life,’ he sighs after the two chums inadvertently get stuck in the girls’ toilets and endure/enjoy the sound of the adjacent cubicle being used) Paul has a more pressing concern: he can see dead people.‘I had to look rubbish in the fight scenes, which was really hard,’ he laughs.‘But I did get to do a bit of running and rolling around in the snow. At the tender age of 22, he’s already written for and starred in Bafta-winning TV series Skins, won rave reviews on the London stage, and has roles in two upcoming movies set to boost his profile still further.‘Really, I have no idea how I’m perceived in the industry,’ he says, modestly.

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