Dating a blading man

“I figure they haven’t it let it affect them, so why should it with me?

” Take Care of the Rest of You Losing hair is often beyond control.

We went on a hot date and its opened my eyes to the delights of older women...

Going bald isn’t painful, it doesn’t cause disease, it doesn’t slow you down or physically impair you in any way. It’s time to answer the question once and for all – Do women like bald men?

I knew women wanted to date bald guys, so how do you get bald guys connected to women that want a bald man?

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Almost 60% of guys would rather have a full head of hair than money or friends. Related: The Best Haircuts for Guys with Thinning Hair Ronain Portis grew up poor and angry in Scotland. He’d be a renewable source of embarrassment for me wherever we go. They may inherit baldness and curse me for it forever. In addition, why would I pick a bald one that may end up being my husband and fear for the image and physical beauty of my would-be children. Huh, how would I feel when the sunlight reflects on his slippery head and spoils the image?But wait, I am a guy,(straight- married with kids) why would I date a man in the first place?

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