Dating a catholic girl

I know that personal loneliness as my husband is a lapsed Catholic convert also.

He also " tried my very best but there was no response.

My actual conversion to the faith had very little to do with my husband. When I heard God’s call and told him I was converting, he didn’t make it about him, he knew it was all about God.

He introduced me to a priest who opened up my heart to the Holy Spirit. He saw the beauty and goodness in the process and he supported it.

It was important to me that dating was considered a pre-cursor to marriage and not just a way to “rack ‘em up”. I went through a crisis of faith in college, but he would encourage me to pray about it.

When I first realized I loved my (now) husband, I knew that I wanted to pursue a real relationship with him.

That cute little Bobby was now Bob, and he was all grown up. For the first three years, we had a long distance relationship so church attendance was never really an issue. My not-so-Catholic fiancé started talking about things like having our marriage ‘recognized’ by the Church.He wanted to have children and raise them to love the Lord. And one month after I was accepted into dental school, he proposed to me. I am called to help him in is path toward holiness.I am not there to make decisions for him, to force him to participate, or fill his world with guilt.

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