Dating a recreational drug user

I see her as a very potential partner for and don't want to blow this by disclosing (too early).

and your very rare use of a recreational drug—your biennial hallucinogen—then you don't wanna be wasting your time (or your dick) on her.

How can we rely on someone who may at any minute actively CHOOSE to become someone else, and someone we may not like at that? But you are right to feel anxious and uncomfortable.

I had a hard time forgiving S for all the time he spent actively choosing to be someone I didn't want to spend time with. It isn't controlling to want stability and trust with your partner. I myself smoke ‘pot’ recreationally and had trouble in my previous relationship because of it.

He has gone through periods of smoking a lot and then quitting for a few months, then back again.

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Will you spend another week with shroom-your-guy and not even know it?On top of this, he has recently started microdosing with shrooms but the biggest issue - he didn't tell me he was doing so. These are the facts upon which you should make your choice. But it's tough when the ratio of sober time to high time gets out of wack.Overall the microdosing was barely noticeable until I noticed tiny changes in his behavior. But like most humans you will most likely allow emotion to play into the equation and stay with your BF until either one of you can no longer live with the unhappiness related to this conflict of values. You are not being controlling or overreacting in any way. And I'm hoping telling you a bit about my experience will help you understand why. With pot smoking, he (we will call him ' S') smoked a lot, all day every day.I also live in Portland Oregon and how the hell can I possibly ever find someone who doesn't smoke pot??? I did not want to be in a relationship with high S or acid S. After I broke up with him, I told him I could only have him in my life if he was sober. Because what he did, and what YOUR guy has done too, by smoking all that pot and taking psychedelics without telling us, is break trust.I just wanted to be in a relationship with S, but he was never around. We can't count on who they're going to be that day.

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