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Most of them have more than four children to support.

While many widows with children will continue to be cared for by their husband’s family (marriage to surviving brothers is common), it is not always possible.

So divorce—even in extreme abuse cases—is less likely to be sought, because a woman must be prepared to lose her children.

These discriminatory practices against women are pervasive, occurring across ethnic groups in both rural and urban areas.

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They were forbidden to work, to leave the house without a male escort, to seek medical help from a male doctor.They have babies while still young teenagers, increasing health problems and risking death for themselves and their children (the risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth for girls under 14 is five times higher than for adult women).In Kabul, it is not uncommon for young girls to be admitted to hospitals shortly after marriage in a state of shock from serious physical injuries—tearing and extensive bleeding—and psychological trauma.Many Afghans, including some religious leaders, reinforce harmful customs by invoking their interpretation of Islam.In most cases, however, these practices are inconsistent with Sharia law as well as Afghan and international law.

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