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Talk to him about how you feel, and let him know how much more happier things could be if both of you could play your parts in working towards the benefit of the relationship. Explain your mind, avoid blaming him, and try to help him see how he’s changed for the worse in the recent months.[Read: 10 perfect questions to ask your boyfriend to make him feel involved] #2 Get your own life.If he’s been getting lazier recently, that’s something he can definitely change. He’s busy trying to make something out of life, and earn a lot more money so he can spend it with you, and that involves him spending several hours away from you. He’s broken and doesn’t think he can live up to your expectations. Dating a helpless people pleaser can be one of the worst experiences in your life, especially if your boyfriend can’t help but be really nice to everyone but you.But if he’s always been the lazy kind, and you want him to change to suit your needs, then that’s going to take a lot of effort, from both sides. The first few months or years were a haze of new experiences and awesome moments, and now, both of you don’t seem to be doing anything fun together or trying something new. And since you don’t see things from his perspective, he bores you. And you don’t know what to do if he’s occupied doing something else. He’s depressed and deep inside, a bit scared too, because he thinks he may lose you soon. If your guy is a people pleaser, he’s probably really nice and charming to others, and goes out of his way to help them or make them feel comfortable, with the intention of making a great impression on them.Awe him, and let him see that you don’t always need him to have fun. [Read: 23 must-know relationship tips and advice for women] #3 You can’t change him.You can only make him realize the benefits of changing himself. Instead, let him see how much better the relationship can get when both of you take small initiatives to keep the relationship exciting and fun. Plan things to do as a couple, and give him a few days notice so he doesn’t whine about it being a last minute decision. But for better or worse, you can’t base your level of happiness on someone else’s expectations from happiness. Are other boyfriends more caring and less lazy than the one you’re dating? And most importantly, if your boyfriend fails to change himself to make you happy, is that something you can overlook or live with for the rest of forever?And if a boyfriend who’s active and fun is what you want, then hey, you go girl! This is something you need to give a serious thought about. Has he stopped taking you out for dinners as often as he once would, has he stopped surprising you with little gestures of love, or has he just turned into a slob who thinks rolling over on a couch defines exercise?

Is he like the boring boyfriend who has suddenly stopped pleasing you or showing interest in you, or is he like the lazy husband who doesn’t do chores around the house?

If you tell your friends about this, in all probability, every guy would tell you you’re asking for too much and many of your girlfriends would tell you that all guys change for the worse with time, and that some guys get lazier and many guys get boring and predictable.

So should you just clam up and swallow your annoyance each time you see him sleeping on the couch, or cancelling another date night to play games, while you’re trying to do something with him?

Sometimes, a guy’s just got to realize your true worth to sit up and realize just how lucky he is.

Go out with your own friends now and then, dress up and look sexy, and have fun yourself if he doesn’t want to go out with you.

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