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The chance to perform in a concert or to attend a summer program that gives a student the chance to explore a forest.

Berks County’s public high schools compete in four Pennsylvania Academic Competition matches each year from November through March.

There are a total of 8 matches usually taking about 30 minutes each to complete.

The match will be postponed if any school is on a delay due to inclement weather and made-up as per the schedule above.

The format is a fast-paced recall of academic material.

The winning team represents Berks County in the final academic competition, held each spring at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

In July 1869, a call was made for interested citizens to gather “for the purpose of collecting and perpetuating the historical reminisces of Berks County.” Following the first meeting in August, the Historical Society of Berks County was incorporated on December 13, 1869. Known as the Hendel House, it is located directly across from Centre Park at 746 Centre Avenue.

In 2016, The Historical Society divested of the ornate Victorian structure, which is now in private hands.

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****Hiking and Trail Guidelines: ** Be courteous & stay behind the leader unless directed otherwise.** Offer $.10/mile to driver when carpooling.

* *In the event of inclement weather, the hike may be canceled.** Please leave your pets at home.**If unable to keep a club commitment, please find a replacement.

* Wear blaze orange during hunting season (Sept 1 to last day of Feb).

This site lists some of the recent scheduled weekly Saturday hikes.

Membership in the BCHC is .00 per person per year in order to receive the quarterly newsletter.

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