Dating in new york

A Vassar graduate, he lived in Boston, and now resides in New York.

I ask Zane whether he thinks it’s easier to date in some cities than others — and whether Boston or New York is a better dating city, in general.

Sometimes I hear about a kind of jealousy between people in New York City and Boston. Those friends (and some Boston-area readers of my Globe advice column) believe that the dating options would be more plentiful in New York, and that there’d be a better night life scene for meeting strangers.

My single friends in Boston tell me it would be “sooo much easier” to find love if they lived in New York City.

“Suddenly [Florida’s] map was everywhere,” Soma says.For a singular opinion on the dating culture in both cities, I went to Zachary Zane, who writes about culture, sexuality, and non-traditional relationships for a variety of publications.The 27-year-old has plenty to say about how people couple up and why.Boston beats New York on this list, ranking as the 12th most dating-friendly city, with NYC far behind at No. New York roars back on, whose ranking of the most “successful” cities for singles puts it second behind only Houston. Boston, interestingly enough, has an unusually high rate of educated members, which actually has a moderate correlation with female satisfaction on the site.” It’s worth noting that dating is probably expensive in both cities, judging from a 2016 survey that asked, among other things, what people spend on first dates.The only city in’s top five that isn’t also one of the five most populous cities is Miami. In New York state, people spent .80 on average, while in Massachusetts the average was .88.

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