Dating on facebook and mobile phone pandoras box dating system

You can access Facebook features using a mobile device like a cell phone in three ways: mobile text messages, mobile uploads and mobile Web browsing. Text messages use a standardized mobile text transfer method called Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

SMS allows you to send and receive text messages to services like Web sites, voice-mail systems and e-mail servers.

In either case, you must create your multimedia message first, then send it to the appropriate e-mail address.

Your phone must have Web browsing capabilities in order for you to visit Facebook from it.

MMS allows you to send not only text, but also sound files, video and images.

The transfer method is similar to SMS, but it requires a handheld device compatible with the MMS standard.

To upload notes to Facebook, you send the message to [email protected]

Because some devices aren't MMS compatible, service providers sometimes build in a feature that alerts a user when he or she has received a multimedia message.

The message usually tells the user to visit a Web page link to view the message.

Then you can also preview it and see what it would look like to other people.

When you actually wanna find some people to go out with you'll have a suggested matches sections here there is just big profile pictures you can tap into it, scroll down and take a look at the photos.

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