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Picture the scene: a sunny Sunday morning, crisp white sheets, linen curtains billowing in the gentle breeze. Maybe even grumble about not owning chickens, so you can’t have fresh eggs every morning. The people I dated before meeting my wife fell into two camps: the, ‘Oh My God, No, Please Leave’ or the, 'Yes, Let Me Mother You'- who treated me as an adorable non-sexual object they wanted to pet. Regardless of medical annoyances, my loveless heart bothered me the most. Finding someone within that group who fancied me (and I fancied back) but who also didn’t mind emptying sick buckets… Nevertheless, on First Date #371, in strolled a cheeky, grinning brunette who took one look at my hearing aids, assumed they were a Bluetooth headset and laughed uproariously when I corrected her.

Hours snuggled in bed together, happily chatting, feet entwined. something about her smell, her smile, makes you reach over, grasp her hand, spin her back around and…POP! In fairness, my wife’s poached eggs are marvellous! I don’t consider bad health or floppy limbs to be particularly tragic. I explained, adding that it came with other symptoms, but she was more interested in what I wanted to drink, and too busy asking did I particularly like National Trust houses?

We’re just two people with our own way of communicating...

From fetching drinks to helping me up the stairs - and the best part? In the same way we sometimes forget we’re gay and that it’s ‘a thing’, we also forget I’m disabled, or deaf.In a great deal of cases, sex education is being withheld from many persons with disabilities on the assumption that the individual 'won't need it'.Persons who are intellectually or physically disabled, either from birth or through an accident or onset of disease later on in their life, may find it very difficult to express their own sexuality in satisfying ways.Having grown up with a chronic illness, I have no sense of personal space or privacy.I’m used to stripping off for doctors, being bathed by someone I met five minutes ago, and conducting meetings from my bed. It created a strange power-dichotomy: who had precedence? It’s strange and infantilising to watch the person you’re attracted to being physically helped by someone else.

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