For me, I’d rather date someone open to my beliefs and respectful of my traditions than someone who isn’t.My Jewish partners have been less educated and less willing to learn about my Jewish practices and beliefs than my non-Jewish partners.I say all of this as the child of an interfaith marriage.” Dissolving into gray “It’s likely that I will be with someone Jewish, but it’s not a deal-breaker.Some people could understand me—could understand my struggles, my joys, my questions—without being Jewish, but there’s a better chance if they are Jewish.And isn’t that—respect, a willingness to learn, an openness to faith—really what we, as Jews, want in our partners?

Only time will tell once I’m in a serious relationship how I feel about the religion aspect, but so far it’s a tertiary concern behind personality and attraction.” Too limiting “I’ve dated Jews and non-Jews.However, if that can be done in a thoughtful way with a partner who is not Jewish, I am open to that.What I do know is that I want the Jewish community to be a welcoming place to all people, couples and families, regardless of origin.Only dating Jews feels too limiting to me and even potentially racist—which is not to erase the existence of Jews of color, but more to say that in Boston the majority of the Jewish community is white/Ashkenazi.All I really need is for my partner to respect that my Jewish identity is important to me and be willing to learn about it.

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