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This analysis encouraged joyous relationships by revealing the sexual compatibility of a couple, the innate relationship conflicts they face, and their potential for financial success together.

In this way, couples were able to distinguish biological attraction from long-term compatibility, lust from love, and soul mates from playmates.

Women are interested in a man who wants to make the world a better place.

Also show her your courage, decisiveness, and adventurous spirit by going to places that highlight these traits.

These tests begin with the first meeting and continue for the duration of a relationship.Basically a woman looks for two things in a man: genetic superiority and stability.Genetic Superiority Short-term compatibility created by personal chemistry, a man’s physical proportions, smell, taste, personality, wealth, humor, popularity, social standing, and other attractive features is based on genetic superiority.You were born unique, so demonstrate your ability to wear many hats by taking her to places she’s never seen. You love your freedom--demonstrate it by never being outwardly predictable. Use your wit and connections to show her the best time of her life.Contrast that with inner emotional consistency and you become a riddle she’s dying to solve. Show her that you can have fun regardless of where you are.

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    It’s the same as meeting someone in a club – would you feel tempted to engage in conversation if they appeared a bit dislikeable? Keep it short and sweet, as Rad previously suggested, and let the rest of those characters be filled through conversation. It seems like an automated message and you don’t want your interest to think you’re a piece of wood. Engage with them"Say something that shows you took the time to read their bio and look at their profile photos.

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