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She ruined the carpets with burnt cigarettes and splashed her blue hair color all over the place.

On July 9th, 2013, while she was in the midst of everything that could go wrong with her life, Amanda had a piece of writing published in Vanity Fair, explaining her bizarre behavior and her weird choice of hair style: ‘Chose a blue hairpiece for my court appearance. I would not identify as a Whig per se, although I think the inclination to impose limits on executive power was a prescient one. ) Of course, apathy toward the issue of slavery is unforgivable and inexcusable.’ They believe that although she seems better, she is still not emotionally able to handle everything the spotlight has to offer.

She wanted to break away from her good-girl image that she held for so long thanks to her association and rise to fame with Nickelodeon.

Amanda spent six months in a rehabilitation facility.

Amanda wrote, “I feel like people don’t know yet what I can really do.” She felt restricted.

It was due to this feeling that she began acting out.

It’s been years since her infamous tweets and strange behavior, and Amanda has now reemerged and is talking about what she plans to do next with her life.

She is looking better than she did a few years ago and is very candid in her interview.

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