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It's not up to your boyfriend to bail on you so he can get sex for his friend!It's good you give him space for friends but he needs to then respect plans he makes with you.She would mind if you check her phone or other things such as her social accounts.Getting too much close to any male friend of hers, whom she might introduced you as her good friend or bestie or even ‘so called brother’, could also be a sign.3 – Wrong introduction: (Image 03)You’re her boyfriend and she shouldn’t never introduced you as her ‘just/good friend’.i am quite laid back about flirting etc - its natural, being in a relationship doesn't make other attractive people disappear, and it is meaningless.

Being her partner, you can ask her about it.2 – Privacy issues: (Image 02)Changed passwords, removed your finger prints from her phone and hiding things on the name of privacy is a big time change which you would find in her, if she is double dating you.Having frequent fights and distancing herself from you says she is no longer finds her interest in you.5 – No initiation: (Image 05)Check her call logs, are you still there in recent?If not then it’s the high time to realize you’re not the only one.My boyfriend said it was a double date, im quite upset to be frank that a) he hasnt even had time to see me but b) he'll be acting all couply with this friend and there be spending all night togther.His friend said he just wanted to see if he could have sex with this girl so theres obviously going to be alot of flirting etc.

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