Employee dating waiver

Is it legal to fully prohibit employees from dating one another?Or does that overstep boundaries and put too much restriction on an employee’s personal life?NRS 613.225 Labor Commissioner to adopt regulations to establish certain procedures required by 42 U. NRS 613.260 Certain contracts declared illegal and void. NRS 613.330 Unlawful employment practices: Discrimination on basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, national origin or discussion of wages; interference with aid or appliance for disability; refusal to permit service animal at place of employment; consideration of criminal history without following required procedure.NRS 613.270 Compelling person to join labor organization or to strike against own will or to leave employment prohibited. NRS 613.333 Unlawful employment practices: Discrimination for lawful use of any product outside premises of employer which does not adversely affect job performance or safety of other employees.NRS 613.210 Blacklists unlawful; recommendations and statements to be provided employee by employer.

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NRS 613.090 Obtaining employment by false or forged letter of recommendation or union card: Penalty.

NRS 613.160 Spotters: Right of employee to be confronted with accuser; penalty.

NRS 613.170 Time checks: Discounts and deductions unlawful.

CHAPTER 613 - EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES SOLICITATION OF EMPLOYEES BY MISREPRESENTATION NRS 613.010 Influencing, persuading or engaging worker to change from one place to another by false representations; penalty; damages.

NRS 613.020 Fraudulent representations by employment agent or broker: Penalty.

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