Erections while dating

Using these 10 tips, either calm it down, hide it, or *bonus tip* wear precautionary larger-sized pants.During the time my husband and I have been dating and married, he has had some episodes where he has not been able to have an erection during intercourse.Hiding the erection There are instances when time is critical and you have little room to maneuver and calm your “Moby Dick.” The only solution is to hide it and hope that it won’t be noticed. Adopting this posture, which looks like taking a nap in the library, allows you to conceal your erection by angling your body relative to the length of your penis.There’s also a chance that your beer belly might help in hiding it from view. Crossing your legs like a sir would definitely hide that bulge in your pants. Take your man purse, your jacket, a folder, a clipboard, a book, or your hat, and conceal your boner until the excitement subsides.The next time you get that annoying hard-on, just think: you’re luckier than guys who can’t get it up during sex and need Viagra to be able to perform in bed. Some guys can control the rush of stimuli given by the girl wearing a hot dress at the next table, while some guys just can’t help it.[Read: 8 stiff facts about morning erections you need to know about] But to be specific, there are several other *and obvious* causes why you get random hard-ons, aside from your usual Testosterone surge. Because there are moments where you can’t just forget what you and your partner did last night. How to get rid of that annoying hard-on The rule is: the further away you are from home, the more difficult it is.#10 Excuse yourself and seek sanctuary in the men’s room.

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Pacing a little bit may also help calm your little man into submission.Sadly, male physiology can sometimes be uncooperative.As our wealth of penis-related information on Love Panky will often tell you, the male penis has mind of its own.By the time you’ve remembered the 10 decimal place of pi, surely your penis will have calmed down.This is not advisable for theoretical physicists who get boners from seeing calculus equations, however.

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