Excel charts and updating data

All of the charts are fed from a table of various summary figures; these figures change - I just need the charts to fully change with them.

The data labels seem to be changing no problem, but the size and scope of some charts doesn't.

Hi all, I have created some 'dashboard' charts on an Excel sheet, based on data from elsewhere in the workbook (Excel 2013).

If the data is updated, then the figures on each of my charts (combination of pie, bar and a donut!

I was hoping one of you guys might take pity and help, espeically if you've heard of this before?

Then you simply copy the data that was below to its proper place (in this case Round 9 and 10) and then add what you need to add (in this case 11 -16).

), yet the bar chart for the actual to date one is probably a third of the size of the target one which doesn't represent the figures.

Last week it was slightly smaller which was more of an accurate representation, this week when I have updated the data source figures, the chart data labels showing each value on the bar chart as I say changes and is correct, but the bar chart is all out of proportion!

However, this week, the figure for 'Allocated to A' is 34 and the figure for 'Allocated to B' is 181; the data labels have automatically updated but the bar has a larger proportion allocated to A, which looks wrong!

Does anyone know why the areas of the charts don't update, just the labels? It is basically a workbook with three 'data source' tabs, so the data is dumped onto these tabs.

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