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There are other ways to insult people without having to refer to how much sex they're having.Speaking of Mallory, that last bit about her pretending to have slept with Ian was just SO DUMB and completely unnecessary and I hated every bit of it and it's probably what eventually ruined the ending of the book. (hide spoiler)][Ivy's date with Garrett and their scheme to make Parker believe he's just as much of an asshole as he is was BEAUTIFUL and I loved everything about it, and Ivy and Ian's suggestive banter and flirting that same evening was the stuff dreams are made of.Being insecure and thinking nobody really wants to be with him, other then with sex, makes his appreciate Ivy a hell of a lot more, considering she's the only one who really care about him.Their friendship is admirable, and i love the passion they have for each other.Their banter is amazing and suddenly they realize that something is changing between them, that they may be more than just friends. I mean, Ivy kind of hated it too, so the book has that going for it, but UGH, such a cliché and if any guy did that to me, best friend or not, I would crazy murder them. I also didn't really like the fact that despite being a feminist and hosting a sex education show, Ivy still slut-shamed Mallory.I mean, yes, obviously Mallory was awful, but there's no need for slut shaming her.

Fuck, i seriously hope we get another book with these two amazing people, though i know the second book in this series is about a friend of Ivy.. Re-read: Wow, shockingly the book was way better the second time around : D I love the characters so much, and i want more!! Second re-read: Still fucking awesome, but I wish we got more...(Riordan College #1)This book is about Ivy Rossini and her bestfriend, Ian Hollister.Until the last 30% or so of the book, I would have given this 5 stars, probably, but after that, it was less than three.It wasn't the ending I wasn't pleased with; it was how they got there. Life-long best friends go to college together and end up hosting a sex/dating advice show on college radio (thus the slightly awkward title- it's the title of their radio show). (view spoiler)[When they finally did get together, it wasn't as rewarding anymore because of all the bullshit that happened before, and I absolutely HATED that Ian told their story on the air of their radio show.She knows she should feel relieved when he pulls away, so why is she disappointed instead?What’s worse, Ivy’s now getting aroused by Ian’s slightest touch and can’t stop entertaining thoughts of a romantic future.

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