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The licenses granted herein are only for the purpose of allowing you to connect to and use the Services for your personal or internal business use.You will not use the services to perform natural language processing for any third parties.Botsify does not make any warranty that your data will be stored safely or securely. does not maintain a backup copy of the data stored on our servers and does not guarantee the information against loss or destruction.You give Botsify permission to transmit all records designated by you as requiring storage to a remote data center operated by Botsify or an affiliate or partner of In the event that this Agreement is terminated, Botsify may in its sole discretion and without notice to you delete or deny access to the backed up data and such data or records will not be available to you.

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Services include basic services (“Basic Services”) provided free of charge and enhanced services (“Enhanced Services”), which, if available, must be purchased.The licenses granted herein are contingent upon Botsify’s receipt of the applicable license fees and taxes due for the Enhanced Services.Fees paid for Enhanced Services shall allow you to use Enhanced Services for the duration of the subscription service, as applicable, as selected by you during your registration of the Enhanced Services (“Subscription Period”).The saved records will be transferred over the Internet to a server operated by Botsify or an affiliate or partner of Botsify.Botsify disclaims all liability for the Services, including any resulting from lost or compromised data.

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