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Labour's Kevin Mc Namara welcomed the Thursday He continued: “There can be no question of. There is a momentum for agreement a hunger for the dignity and responsibility of deciding and governing ' local affairs. Mr Major had earlier taken the unusual step of releasing an unsigned rater in which-..

The talks process offers the way forward, Sinn Ran can join m. Mr Adams addressed him as “s Chara" Gaefic fbrfriend.

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SIMON JENKINS Wjhy does the BBC try to improve Elliot? 64,859 SATURDAY JANUARY 221994 M inistry linked to Westminster ‘homes for votes’ scheme • Millions in payoff to tenants who Sii SSS rt SS THE . In 1990-91 the fund totalled £19.1 millioa,ofwhich Westminster alone received £1.45 million.The following year West¬ minster received £2.49 million from toe fund, which had been increased to £542 million- In toe same two years Camden Council, which is adjacem to Westminster and which claims a higher home¬ less rale, received £! An Environ¬ ment Ministry spokesman said last night that toe government money was allotted on the basis of need and evidence of how the scheme could assist the council in meeting that need.In its first letter applying for government help under the scheme in 1989.The Sinn Fein leader said Mr Major^refusaltoelaborate on toe declaration oould only increare tite'doubts and suspi- ,'iaons of republicans who want a united Ireland. ' “the opportunity for a real sold tasting settlement has never been more realisable,’' Mr Adams wrote.“If peace is a realistic; prospect, as you have asserted, then the oppor¬ tunity should not be lost * because of confusion occa¬ sioned ly toe absence of open and honest dialogue." Mr Major replied, in the .

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