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On June 27, rumors began circulating on online communities that Kim Jae Wook and Lee El were dating.Lee El had posted a photo of her wearing a ring on her personal Instagram account, and the company that sold her the ring tagged her in their own post and wrote, “She visited with one of our customers.On June 28, a source from Management SOOP responded to the dating rumors with the statement, “The hand in the photo that was posted recently is not Kim Jae Wook’s hand. Kim Jae Wook was very taken aback when he heard of the rumors,” and “And of course, the rumor that he and Lee El are dating is not true.” The company also took down the photos once they began gaining attention, and they explained, “This was not Kim Jae Wook. We deleted the photos because we didn’t want to cause a misunderstanding, and we apologize to those who believed wrong information.” This is the second time Kim Jae Wook and Lee El have had to deny dating rumors.In May 2018, Lee El posted a photo to her personal Instagram account that sparked rumors.

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Kim Jae Wook’s agency has denied that the actor is in a relationship with Lee El.He always wears all of our items so well, so we know he’ll enjoy this one.” People began speculating that the hand belonged to Kim Jae Wook, claiming that the mole on the man’s pinky finger matched one they thought the actor had.With rumors beginning to spread, his agency stepped in.She chose a product with small, cute details that fit her well.We heard that it was her birthday, so happy birthday.” Along with the photo, they also posted another photo of a man’s hand with the caption, “Our returning customer chose a diamond ring.

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