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The company has upgraded a few things in Hasselblad new X1D II like larger touchscreen, higher resolution viewfinder, and significantly improved performance.The big difference is going to be the price which is ,750 for the body and will available in July.The upgrades target more to responsive and snappier camera but it is still no replacement for smaller format mirrorless cameras for shooting sports or other fast action.Talking about the design X1D II is the most good looking than the previous model.The various LF Ektars are quite sharp and have lovely tonal qualities; and the spectacular performance of the Zeiss 135/5.6 Makro-Planar certainly was a factor in the success of several long-term research projects I was part of. and in fact my favorite LF lens is still the 135/6.3 Wide Field Ektar.But there's no need to denigrate one brand over another.The CAMEROSITY system began c.1940 and ran until at least 1967; I seem to remember seeing some Enlarging Ektars that dated to 1970 or so but no camera lenses that late.

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Just got a USA Aero Ektar f2.5 7" EE 4065 which makes it 1944. Mounted on a Speed Graphic lens board with custom aluminum adapter plate. At one time I had a Hasselblad 1600F with Ektar lenses.The tube spacer looks like Series 9 lens hood threaded on both ends. I also picked up for a comparison the first Zeiss for the Hassie which was a Tessar. Not surprised, Zeiss lenses for Hasselblad are IMO, over rated and pricy for what they are.As much as I like Tessars, the Ektar (modified Heliar? Having owned many Hassy C and CF and F Zeiss lenses in the past, they are good but not that good except for about 4 of all the Zeiss lenses made for Hasselblad.Hasselblad has revealed the new X1D II 50C, this model is the follow up to the company’s first mirrorless camera 2016’s X1D.The new camera looks the same as the previous model, from its design, size, and appearance to its 50-megapixel, medium-format sensor.

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