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She'll be moving to the east coast branch." "Oh, I'd rather stay on the same floor with the development teams. "Of course you are not the only one we're considering for this job. They all looked feminine and were very tall and strong. Wikipedia stated they were a tight group that kept mostly to themselves.

I'm way over qualified for that." Why wasn't she taking her arm off my shoulder? "Sounds brilliant." "You'll take Nasrin's office, the one next to mine. They all had two complete sets of reproductive organs.

The only thing I care about is whether she's gonna stand for Chin's promise and give me the raise at the evaluation today." "Today? "She cancelled all the annual evaluation meetings." "Fuck. Diana rescheduled everyone." "Strange." I said as I scrolled through my outlook inbox. Maybe I'm not on her list or something." I picked up the phone. I heard you rescheduled everyone's evaluation meetings with the new boss. She specifically said she wants to see you." "What for? "The boss' pet." "I swear the first time I talked to her was yesterday morning when we bumped into each other on the elevator." "What did she say? " "Yep, she smiled and she actually seemed like a very nice person." "I bet ya she's a wild cat in bed." "You're a fucking hopeless pervert." ** Three minutes before the meeting my phone rang. Oh, and be a dear and bring with you a cup of cherry herbal tea.

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When she leaned forward I felt her breast brush my shoulder. She just reacted to my obvious distress when I heard the bad news.

"There is an option you might consider." Nothing in her voice hinted she was offended or that she considered what had just happened and my response as being odd. His job will be to take care of office utilities, for myself, the CFO and our mutual staff." "What kind of a job is that? I Googled all through the afternoon searching data about hermaphrodites. Thirty six years ago an introduction of a new drug called Venatritol was supposed to herald a new era of safe pregnancy.

We can sit there and also grab something to bite." Ok, that sounded less suspicious. "Fine by me." "Great, I'm looking forward to seeing you. You know, this can be an excellent opportunity for you if you play your cards right." Chapter 2 I was more at ease that night when I stood by her door, a penthouse in one of the richest parts of town. We quarreled because of it so I've told her everything that happened in the office, leaving out the embarrassing details.

The sooner they know the better." I tried to get up but she didn't let go. "The job includes lots of details which I don't have the time to go through right now." She looked at her watch. After the meeting I'm off to see a client and won't be coming back to the office." "So, tomorrow morning? One in three kids born to hermaphrodite couple would be a hermaphrodite himself. It was one of those automatic doors that opened with a remote. "I'll be right with you, I'm just drying my hair." She said from somewhere beyond the living room. There's beer in the refrigerator if you don't find anything you like." Of course she had a bar. I sat there on one of the black couches that must have cost something around two of my salaries. She wore a blue satin baby doll nightgown and panties.

Ok lady, I appreciate your concern, but that's weird. I turned my head and there she was looking down on me with huge green eyes, full of sympathy. She touched my temple with her free hand's fingertips, then she moved her fingers slowly across my cheek. Even if it means a cubicle instead of an office." "That's not an option, really." Her voice became stern. It all depends on your willingness to perform some special tasks and your aptitude." "What special tasks? But I'm certain you're up to it." She rubbed my shoulder and smiled again. They weren't attracted to either males or females and usually chose to take mates amongst themselves. " I turned around and the warm feeling went out of the window along with my feeling of ease. Sorry, I didn't know you weren't dressed yet." I quickly lowered my eyes to the green carpet. Marsha's or something like that." "Oh, I've already eaten." "Oh." "Though, I wouldn't mind having dessert." She slowly tasted her upper lip with her tongue.

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